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Dancer and choreographer in 1MILLION DANCE STUDIO, the studio is popular on YouTube and Instagram, where she demonstrates her talents.


She began to publish her choreography on the Internet in mid-2013.

Its self-titled channel on YouTube has earned more than 260,000 subscribers. It also has more than 360,000 readers in Instagram.


Birthday Birthday: 17 may 1988

Age: 28 years old

Homeland: South Korea

Sign of the Zodiac: Taurus


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October 2017

November 2017

December 2017

Superstar - Jamelia

May J Lee

PM 06:00 - PM 07:30

All I Wanna Do

May J Lee

PM 06:00 - PM 07:30

Worth It - Fifth Harmony

May J Lee

PM 06:00 - PM 07:30

1Million Dance Studio

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Is this a place where people who specialize in dancing are going?


Classes at the One Million dance studio are open to anyone.

Those who are new to dance and those who are not professionals can participate.


I'm curious about how to take the course. What is my free coupon?


Coupon of One Million Dance Studio is free to move classes and take classes

It is possible to feature. If you buy a coupon, you will receive

Not all classes are open to the public

You are free to participate.


What genres are taught in One Million?


One Million dance studio does not distinguish genres,

Various styles of dance that each instructor has




You can contact me in any way convenient for you.


 Seoul, Gangnam-gu

273-4 Nonhyun-dong 3 / 4F

(43 roads to Bongeunsa Temple 29)

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